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With the PLUG1’s integrated excess flow valve and thermally activated shut-off device, homeowners can safely and confidently connect natural or propane gas to their barbecue, stove, patio heater, gas fire and clothes dryer.

Safety and Convenience
Imagine you’ve just finished grilling when the sun goes down and it starts getting cool outside. You have two choices: Move everyone and everything inside, or simply unplug the gas grill and plug in the patio heater or gas fire.

Or perhaps your clothes dryer needs to be moved for cleaning or disconnected from the gas supply for repair. Again, just remove the plug from the PLUG1 gas outlet. With the PLUG1, homeowners can safely and confidently connect and disconnect gas appliances. Simply insert the plug into the circular opening, move the slider plate upward, and push the plug into the gas outlet to engage.

Gas, either natural or propane (LP), is now safely and efficiently supplied to the barbecue, patio heater, gas fire, or clothes dryer.

Two important safety features make the PLUG1 gas outlet the only certified product of its kind in Europe:

  • A circuit breaker for gas. An integrated excess flow valve automatically shuts off the gas flow in case of a leak.
  • Integrated thermally activated shut-off device shuts off the gas flow when a predefined temperature occurs.

PLUG1 - Indoor and Outdoor
Mertik Maxitrol’s PLUG1 will enhance the look and function of virtually any living area - indoors and outdoors.

Technical Data

  • CE-certified
  • Integrated excess flow valve SENTRY GS
  • Integrated thermally activated shut-off device SENTRY GT, activation temperature is between 92°C and 100°C
  • Suitable for use with gas family 2 and 3 according to EN437
  • Maximum nominal capacity 15 kW
  • Flush mounted and on-wall versions available
  • Approved for both indoors and outdoors
  • Hose plug rotates 360°
  • Gas inlet connection Rp ½ EN 10226-1 (ISO 7-1)
  • Temperature Class T2 (-20 to 60°C)
  • Mounting Position: Cover plate vertical (see illustrations)
  • Cover plate (cover plate and housing) can be
  • loosened and pulled slightly away from the wall
  • surface for painting or replacing wallpaper